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Beware of Service Fatigue Before You Actually Cripple Your Team with Laurie Guest

July 18, 2022

Remedies to combat Service Fatigue

with Laurie Guest

It's been two hard years. We've had to adjust to our way of living and for those who serve others, both personally and professionally, we're exhausted!

🛎 In this episode

Professional Speaker, trainer and author, Laurie Guest provides 3 action steps to help combat fatigue, uncovers the importance of setting boundaries and puts a spotlight on some key ideas to recharge and reenergize.


For over 25 years, Laurie Guest has built a reputation for being a speaker who does not disappoint. During a successful career in the healthcare industry, she was known as a “go-to-resource” for customer service excellence. She channelled that expertise into Guest Enterprises, Inc., her own speaking and training company and for more than two decades has shared her practical point of view on customer service and staff development to audiences across the country, blending real-life examples and proven action steps for improvement. 

Laurie is an award-winning columnist and the author of two books. With her latest, The 10¢ Decision: How Small Change Pays off Big, Laurie presents her most sought-after and impactful strategies to find and retain the best staff and highest-quality members while delivering exceptional guest experiences. Laurie is a certified speaking professional and a member of the CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame™ an honor held by less than 1% of speakers worldwide. She lives in northern Illinois where she is a wife, mother of two, lover of board games and below-average cook. 

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Check out Laurie's Newest Book, "The 10¢ Decision: How Small Change Pays Off Big"


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Tap into Marc’s 35 years of operational excellence experience and imagine a world in which the majority of us put more love and care in being of service.

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