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How to Use a Growth Mindset to Lead Your People with Rick Denley

February 21, 2022

Getting People Past the Barriers to Growth

with Rick Denley

It's no secret that we've seen unprecedented levels of change. For two years, business leaders have had to reinvent, pivot, and reestablish not only their business and business models, but they've also had to learn new skills and develop new capacities.

🛎 In this episode

Leadership Expert, Rick Denley will discuss what leaders need to do to adapt to the changing leadership landscape, leveraging technology, generational diversity and the current economic factors.


Rick understands the challenges business leaders and top performers face because he’s been in the fight like them!

Rick is a leadership expert and speaker who combines strong mentoring skills along with coaching tactics with real-world knowledge and experience to assess required individual and organizational change that assists people and companies in punching through their growth ceilings.
Rick’s background includes a successful career that has spanned several decades and seen him lead Canadian divisions for multinationals based in Japan (Matsushita Group), France, (Schneider), USA (Emerson), and Germany (Phoenix Contact). Rick took this success and its learnings and ‘Reinvented Himself’ as an entrepreneurial speaker to be able to help more people and companies exceed their growth goals through strong leadership.

Rick is:

  1. The #1 Best Selling author; Reinvent Yourself! , co-author in Dynamo Diaries 2.0, and many articles on growth and leadership.
  2. Keynote speaker; Reinvent Yourself, Leadership Your Way, Evolution of the Customer, Selling 2.0
  3. Undefeated amateur fighter – Ricks' philanthropy efforts in raising awareness and funds towards cancer research, helping those with Cancer to flat out beat cancer!

Rick gets to know every client’s business and customizes all keynote presentations and workshops to create alignment that makes an immediate impact.

Rick shares original research on sales and leadership trends and blogs regularly on business performance.

A speaker, advisor, mentor, coach, leader, facilitator and fighter.

Connect with Rick

LI: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rickdenley/
IN:  https://www.instagram.com/denleyrick/

Check out his book: Reinvent Yourself https://rickdenley.com/book

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Tap into Marc’s 35 years of operational excellence experience and imagine a world in which the majority of us put more love and care in being of service.

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