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Driving Reinvention in Your Business with Danielle Silverman

October 7, 2021

Take the Time to Reinvent Your Business

with Danielle Silverman

There is no better time to explore reinvention than during a crisis.

🛎 In this episode

Certified Reinvention Practioner and Strategist Danielle Silverman shares business ideas for adopting an entrepreneur mindset, driving small business ideas, and takes us through the how's, why's and wherefore's of reinventing your business.


Several years ago, Danielle left a career as Director of Marketing and Communication for a software company to become a coach.  

She started out as a Career Coach because there is no harder product to market than oneself.

Since then, Danielle has coached hundreds of people in career transition and provided management and leadership coaching and training to dozens of organizations.  She is passionate about helping organizations and individuals embrace change.

Danielle holds an MBA in management and marketing from the John Molson School of Business as well as a Masters in Human Systems Intervention from Concordia University.  

Danielle is:

  1. A certified coach with the International Coach Federation
  2. A member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, where she is known for her talks on Change, the People Factor, and the Art of Reinvention, particularly what it means to reinvent as we get older.
  3. A Chief Reinvention Officer & Certified Reinvention Practitioner
  4. Co-founder of Reinvention Society Canada, part of the global Reinvention Society

Click this link for more information: https://bit.ly/reinventionsocietycanada

Connect with Danielle


Email:  danielle@daniellesilverman.com
LI:        https://www.linkedin.com/in/daniellesilverman/

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